In 2005, on the recommendation of the North Carolina e-Learning Commission, the General Assembly established the North Carolina Virtual Public School under Session Law 2006-66 (Section 7.16.(a-e)).  The purpose of the North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) is to provide e-learning opportunities to students. The legislation directed NCVPS to begin operations no later than June 30, 2007. The authorizing legislation for NCVPS states: “NCVPS shall be available at no cost to all students in North Carolina who are enrolled in North Carolina’s public schools, Department of Defense schools, and schools operated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.”

The initial online course offerings in summer 2007 were for high school students. In subsequent years course offerings were made available for middle school students. In school year 2007/2008 NCVPS enrolled 17,325 students. Since then, NCVPS has over 193,000 course enrollments. NCVPS is the second largest State virtual school in the United States.

  • NC public schools will produce globally competitive students.
  • NC public schools will be led by 21st Century professionals.
  • Leadership will guide innovation in NC public schools.
  • NC public school students will be healthy and responsible.
  • NC public schools will be governed / supported by 21st Century systems.


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