Develop for NCVPS

  • Are you a certified NC teacher highly qualified in your middle or high school content area?
  • Do you have knowledge of the Universal Design for Learning principles, Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, and 21st Century Skills?
  • Do you integrate these into teaching and learning?
  • Do you have experience creating multimedia content or use Web 2.0 tools in your classroom?
  • Do you have experience creating engaging, interactive learning activities for students through problem based learning, real world examples, authentic assessments, and more?

If so, developing online courses in a collaborative team for the NC Virtual Public School may be right for you!

We are currently looking for qualified individuals to revise and/or develop courses for the NC Virtual Public Schools. We are especially interested in these areas:

AP Art History Arabic II
AP Calculus AB Entrepreneurship
AP Computer Science Honors Level (English, Math, Social Studies, Science)
AP Environmental Science Mandarin Chinese II
AP European History Music Business and Recording
AP Physics 2 SAT Prep
AP Psychology Microsoft Sharepoint
AP Statistics Spanish IV
AP US History Strategic Marketing
If you are interested, please submit an application here: Development Application

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