Steps to Register My Public School Student:

1. Review the course listing on this website under Courses/Course Catalogue to determine what courses your child may be interested in taking.

2. Contact the eLearning Advisor (ELA) at the local public school that your child attends. This person is most likely a guidance counselor or may serve the school in another role. The role of the eLearning Advisor is to serve as the liaison between the local school and NCVPS.

Steps to Register My Non-Public (home-schooled or private school) Student click here.


Students must contact the NCVPS eLearning Advisor at their local public school to be registered for courses.

Visit the course catalogue before discussing this with your school so you are prepared to answer questions that may be asked of you by your school.

END OF COURSE (EOC) & VOCAT Exam Schedule: These exams are scheduled and delivered by the local public school that enrolled the student. Please be prepared to make arrangements with the school as to when and where you will be taking this test if one is required. NCVPS does not schedule or deliver any of these exams to students.


Please note, schools will be responsible for giving out the USERNAMES and PASSWORDS for students to begin courses with NCVPS. Please contact the eLearning Advisor to obtain this from them. They will print this out from the Registration system.


North Carolina Virtual Public School will provide students with expanded academic options by offering online courses such as core academic courses, test preparation, career exploration and credit recovery to North Carolina students. By virtue of our online course delivery, students in our state will now have access to courses and highly qualified teachers in subjects that they may not have available at their local school.

All NCVPS courses meet the standard course of study set by the Department of Public Instruction and recognized quality assurance standards for e-learning courses. Students are taught by North Carolina certified teachers. Student grades earned in their NCVPS course will be transferred to their local school and become part of their academic record.