Typical Day

Depending on the students schedule or schools expectations, this is what a typical day could look like for you.

  • Log in to your online course everyday at a time during the day that is convenient for you or your school scheduled time for you to work.
  • View the assignments and participate in an on-going online discussion.
  • Complete daily assignments which could include research, project work, readings, and/or collaboration activities and then submit your work to your teacher.
  • Check the course outline or schedule to find out what other course-related activities are coming up or may be due to the teacher.
  • Possible scheduled chat sessions or phone conferences.
  • Viewing a video or listen to an audio recording for  assignments.
  • Take a test or a quiz for submission.

Just as every classroom differs slightly, so does the virtual classroom experience. Different courses will use different types of course materials and internet technologies.

Online classes take as much time as typical face-to-face classes. You need to set aside sufficient time for study. Plan to spend at least as much time working on the assignments and studying as you would with a traditional course. Note that some students report spending even more time for online classes than for traditional ones.

Time that you need to devote to one online course will be approximately:

  • 45 minutes for a year-long course
  • 90 Minutes for block course or an AP course
  • 3-4 Hours a day for summer courses due to full course content on a shortened schedule (18 weeks of content in 8 weeks).


Even though you may not have to “be” in class at a specific time, you still have to follow the course schedule provided by your teacher. Remember that online classes are not independent study courses. You are required to participate actively in course.

You need to log in each day to:

  • keep up with the content flow
  • complete assignments
  • follow discussions
  • communicate with your classmates and teacher.

Never wait until the last minute to complete your assignments. You may have a technical problem or run out of time which will cause frustration. One of the major reasons for failing online classes is procrastination. Since it is very easy to fall behind in the online environment, schedule specific times to log in and to study.

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